National Honor Society


2020-2021 Officers (TBA)

Nikhil Lankipalle - President
Jessica England - Vice President
Elena DeLucia - Secretary
Ethan Bruce - Treasurer
Emma Lamson - Special Projects

2021 Inductees
Allen, Sophia
Archambault, Kaelyn
Ayoub, Karine
Bain, Emma
Benoit, Dillon
Brown, Madelyn
Buchanan, Dylan
Cannon, Jessica
Censorio, Chloe
Chen, Lin
Cowles, Aimee
Coyle, Olivia
Cruz, Pedro
DeSilva, Anthony
DeTrolio, Olivia
Dommaraju, Trisha
Dulig, Vashti Moira
Dumouchel, Caitlin
Fernando, Sydney
Fichera, James
Fine, Jonah
Geminiani, Gabriella
Gerdeman, Josie
Gomes, Isabella
Goulet, Cian
Guglielmi, Grace
Guirguis, Dana
Gulley, Drew
Gundler, Emily
Hettiarachchi, Rawindhya
Holts, Eric
Jeans, Michael
Katz, Andrew
Kefalas, Isabella
Knight, Lauren
Kobasa, Nicole
Koul, Sagar
Koul, Sahil
Leifer, Brooke
Lydon, Christina
Makram, Salam
Marchand, Allison
Martin, Katherine
Massarottie, Halie
Mathieu, Ridge-Jardel
McCarthy, Kevin
Medeiros, Abigail
Miller, Katherine
Miller, Nicole
Mocklin, Matthew
Morley, Ryan
Moussette, Casey
Murawski, Sophia
Nelson, Grace
Ponnaganti, Sasanka
Reagan, Shaylin
Reynolds, Kay
Sacchetti, Anthony
Sahu, Anwesa
Sameer, Adwaitha
Sandhu, Diwakar
Scher, Alison
Schlosser, Nathaniel
Scibilia, Thomas
Sears, Bethany
Sevastos, Maria
Shield, Lauren
Slaney, Andrew
Sonti, Sanjitha
Stevens, Collin
Tallam, Pratham
Tatusko, Benjamin
Tekumalla, Pranav
Ten Eyck, Sydney
Verheggen, Ella
Vovcsko, Steven
Wall, Kelsey

As of the 2020-2021 school year, each fall eligible juniors and seniors
will be able to apply for acceptance into NHS.

Volunteer Documentation


Adviser: Rebecca Porter, Bethany Stanley

NHS Bylaws (adopted 2018)

PDF link

 Notice: The attached application materials are subject to change for the class of 2021, and will be updated after the 2nd term of this school year.

Please keep in mind that applications are considered only for those students who are invited based upon merit.

These sheets can give students who are looking to apply next year an idea of what is expected of them for the application process.

*Time log sheets are not outdated and should be used by current members

Mission Statement: “The National Honor Society (NHS) is the nation's premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students.

More than just an honor roll, NHS serves to recognize those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership, and character.”

The Mansfield High School National Honor Society strives to benefit our community through educational support, grassroots fundraising, and social impact. We hope that our motivation, passion, and drive will help those around us!

The Mansfield High School chapter of the National Honor Society inducts students in the fall of either their junior or senior year.  

Scholarship determines a student’s initial eligibility.
At the close of the final term in either the sophomore or junior year, a student must have a cumulative GPA of 90% or higher to be eligible to apply for NHS in the fall of the next school year.
A letter of eligibility will be mailed home in the summer months so students may begin to prepare their application for the fall.
The student must be able to demonstrate strong evidence of service, leadership, and character that meets the qualifying scores for selection.

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